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There's been a lot of firetrucks around recently.

Two months ago we had a big fire alarm at the office and had nearly the entire fleet out to investigate a chemical smell that triggered sensors in the building (probably residue from paint).

A few weeks later while dining at Chinatown on Mopac, we observed that their used cooking oil had overflowed into their parking lot and down the access road of the highway. This was naturally causing a large environmental issue, a tremendously offensive odoriferous release, as well as a driving traction impairment. Never fear, AFD to the rescue to help clean up the mess with some absorbent granules.

Then two weeks ago they had to come to assist with the "partybus incident" in front of my house and the cleanup of the spilled gasoline with more absorbent granules, though I wasn't home at the time to watch.

And just this weekend, my neighbor across the street decided that his rotting fence needed replacement so he apparently recruited some of his friends to rip out the old one and start the new one. Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm to use shovels and pickaxes to dig new fencepost holes, they forgot to call the gas company to mark the underground gas lines. Excitement ensued as two firetrucks were required to blocked off all access to the intersection for several hours while the gas company repaired the line and allowed the released gas to dissipate.

I wonder what the average percentage of their calls are not actually fire related.


Actually, there was no gas spilled from the partybus incident; it was all other fluids.

And the percentage of fire calls is actually pretty low, though it varies by location.


I am a witness

Had the fortune to witness both clusters of firetrucks. Cowhouse is a magnet, but it always managed to dodge it by a hair, which is a good thing.

October 2010

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