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Laborday camping and kayaking

Got back last night from a quick weekend camping/kayaking trip near the eastern Texas border. Stayed 2 nights and did some kayaking at the Indian Mounds campground in the Sabine National Forest. Even though I arrived at the campground late at night (about 10pm), I ended up picking an awesome campsite when I woke up and could see how close I was to the lake. The lake was huge so it attracts a lot of noisy motorboats unfortunately.

Then on the way back, did some kayaking on one of the paddling trails in Martin Dies Jr State Park. There were 3 paddling trails and I went on the one that circles around the northern campground. I attempted to also go on one of the other paddling trails, but had difficulties following the trail of buoys through the overgrown water lilies.

Then a quick stop at Lake Livingston State Park to check things out (too many weekend Houston motorboaters there though). Very little privacy and the campsites are packed extremely close together. Its closeness to Houston is probably the only reason why there were so many people there.

Then today, I snuck in a few more touch-and-go practice landings with my flight instructor in between the storms and gusting winds. I think I got a little sunburned over the weekend though... :)


Cool photos, looks like some nice spots.

I didn't know you were flying now, is that a new job requirement? :)
Yeah it was a pretty nice trip. I hadn't gone camping out on this side of Texas before, so it was a nice experience.

I would be in the minority of the company if I didn't at least have some flying experience :)

October 2010

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